Aspirateur electrique pou nettoyer les oreilles

  • SFr. 6.00

1. Help to clean the fluid and soft wax after bath or swimming.
2. The ear vacuum cleaner gentlely draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear, which is powerful yet gentle.
3. Remove wax without injury.
4. Soft silicone tips protect ear when compared to ear swabs.
5. Safety guard prevents tip from entering too far.
6. Unit disassemble for fast thorough cleaning.
7.Power supply: 2x AA battery (not included)

Step 1: Open the baterry cover at the bottom and install 2AA size battery (not included). then close the cover.
Step 2: Put the silicon ear plug on the tube of the unit, ensure that it is fixed firmly on the tube.
Step 3: Switch on the unit and the motor is runnng with sound. Then the tube in the ear and slightly turn in order to draw out earwax.
-This is not a toy, contains small parts, keep away from children, carefully read following cautions.
- Ear syringing should not be done if you have a perforated eardrum,
if you aren"t sure whether you have a perforation. consult a physician before using this device.
-Syringing should not hurt, if you experience pain in your ear or dizziness while syringing, contact your physician.
-Use only alkaline batteries. Don"t mix old and new batteries or battery types.

Package include
1x Ear Cleaner
8x Hygienic Silicone Nozzles
1x Cleaning Brush
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